Meet the Ombudspersons

Furthering its commitment to creating a positive learning environment, the University of Georgia has named three ombudspersons to serve faculty, staff and students.

The ombudspersons are designated individuals who serve as independent, neutral and informal resources for UGA students, faculty and staff. Rather than serving as advocates for individual members of the university community, these individuals are advocates for fairness, and they function as a source of information and referral. They assist, to the extent possible, in informally resolving concerns brought to their attention. They serve as third-party fact finders who remain neutral while looking into complaints or grievances, including those related to discrimination and harassment.

Ombudspersons supplement, but do not replace, the university's existing policies and procedures for processing and resolving student, faculty, and staff complaints and grievances. Ombudspersons also do not have direct responsibility for specific administrative processes and procedures. Rather, these individuals provide information and assistance regarding administrative processes and may serve as additional avenues for resolving the concerns of students, faculty and staff.