Making an EOO Report or Complaint

If you have knowledge of or believe you have experienced discrimination, harassment or retaliation that is prohibited under the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (NDAH) Policy, please submit the complaint to the Equal Opportunity Office at (706) 542-7912 or or by completing the NDAH Complaint Form

If you have knowledge of or believe a student has engaged in sexual misconduct that is prohibited by the Sexual Misconduct Policy, please submit the complaint to the Equal Opportunity Office at (706) 542-7912 or or by completing the Sexual Misconduct Complaint Form

UGA faculty, instructors, administrators, supervisors, other responsible employees, and all persons in positions of authority, even if they are also students (e.g., Residential Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Student Managers), must report to the Equal Opportunity Office any complaints they receive or knowledge they possess (whether direct or indirect) of any discrimination or harassment that is prohibited under the NDAH Policy and the Sexual Misconduct PolicyFailure to make a report by a person in a position of authority is a separate violation of the NDAH Policy and the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

The EOO will promptly respond to all reports and complaints of discrimination, harassment or retaliation and appropriate action will be taken as expeditiously as possible.  While confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, care will be taken to protect the complainant’s identity, when requested.  Complaints can also be made anonymously, but this may limit the extent to which the complaint can be investigated.

A description of the EOO’s investigation, resolution and appeal procedures is contained in the NDAH Policy, the Sexual Misconduct Policy, Board of Regents' Policy 4.6.5 (Standards for Institutional Student Conduct Investigation and Disciplinary Procedures). and Board of Regents HRAP Prohibit Discrimination and Harassment.

Inquiries concerning the application of Title IX and complaints may also be made directly to:

UGA Title IX Coordinator
E. Janyce Dawkins, JD/MBA
278 Brooks Hall
Phone: (706) 706-542-7912


U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
Phone: (800) 421-3481

If you wish to fill out a complaint form online with OCR, you may do so at: