Confidential Reporting

Confidential Resources for Reporting Sexual and Relationship Violence:

The following mental health, medical, and legal service providers at UGA have a statutory privilege of confidentiality under Georgia state law and do not have to report to the Equal Opportunity Office (EOO)/Title IX Coordinator disclosures of sexual assault received while acting within the scope of their privilege:

UGA Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) - (706) 542-2273
UGA Health Center Medical Clinicians – (706) 542-1162
UGA Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation – (706) 542-8508
UGA Psychology Clinic - (706) 542-1173
Aspire Clinic (offers individual, couple, and family therapy) – (706) 542-4486
UGA Family Violence Clinic(706) 369-6272
Anne Marie Cook, LPC - (678) 849-9080 or (Griffin campus only)

The following employees have been designated by UGA as confidential support resources and do not have to report to the EOO/Title IX Coordinator identifying information about a sexual assault survivor unless the Title IX Coordinator determines that the confidential support resource employee must provide identifying information due to overriding safety concerns for either the survivor or the University community.  These confidential support resources are:

UGA Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) – (706) 542-7233
UGA Student Care and Outreach – (706) 542-7774
UGA Ombudspersons
        Student Ombudsperson– Charisse Harper - (706) 542-8544
        Staff Ombudsperson – Steve Gibson – (706) 542- 1147
        Faculty Ombudsperson– Dr. Jenny Gaver – (706) 542-3699

"Responsible Employees"  have no confidentiality  (i.e., employees whom a student could reasonably believe to be in a position of authority, including, without limitation, all faculty, instructors, administrators, supervisors, residential assistants, and graduate teaching assistants) and MUST promptly report to the EOO/Title IX Coordinator all information known about disclosed incidents of sexual assault or other sexual violence.  Failure to promptly report can result in discipline.  See UGA's Sexual Assault Response Protocol, Making a Report or Complaint, Sexual Misconduct Policy, & Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy.

All other UGA employees have no confidentiality when a student discloses sexual assault or other sexual violence, but are encouraged to report any such disclosure to the UGA EOO/Title IX Coordinator.  See UGA's Sexual Assault Response Protocol.