University Community Veterans Resources

Student Veterans Certification  

The Office of the Registrar assists students receiving VA Education Benefits by processing education benefit forms and advising students on procedures about their education benefits.  In addition, the Registrar’s Office also assists students who must withdraw from UGA when they are called to active duty, and assists them in re-admission after they return from active duty.


Out-of-State Tuition Waivers and Waiver of Fees

The Registrar’s Office and the Admissions Office process out-of-state fee waivers for student veterans, their spouses, and their dependent children who meet the Board of Regents requirements.  See:


Undergraduate Admissions:

The Admissions Office maintains a “Veteran’s Information” resource page for veterans looking to complete an undergraduate degree.


Student Veterans Resource Center:

The Student Veterans Resource Center is responsible for providing programs and support activities to student veterans.


UGA School of Law Veterans Legal Clinic:

The UGA School of Law Veterans Legal Clinic provides veterans, and their dependents, with legal assistance, including assistance in providing access to services and benefits.


Student Veterans of America at UGA:

The UGA Chapter of the Student Veterans of America is a social and education network for student veterans and their families at UGA. 


Office of Student Financial Aid:

The Office of Student Financial Aid assists the University student community in securing financial assistance and provides advice and education about the financial and academic responsibilities of that assistance.


Division of Academic Enhancement:

The Division of Academic Enhancement offers tutoring services to promote the academic success of all members of the University community, including veterans.


Disability Resource Center:

The Disability Resource Center seeks to ensure the University is a welcoming and accessible experience for all students, including veterans.


Counseling and Psychiatric Services (“CAPS”):

CAPS offers short-term individual, group, and couples therapy; psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring; and psychological assessment to all students, including veterans.  In addition, CAPS makes referrals to other campus and community resources as necessary.


The Aspire Clinic:

The Aspire Clinic offers individual, couple, and family therapy, financial counseling and education, home environment and design, nutrition counseling and education and legal assistance to members of the UGA and Athens communities, including veterans.


Career Center:

The Career Center assists all University students, including veterans, search for jobs, create and refine resumes, and practice interviewing for life beyond college.  In addition the Career Center also provides guidance to students in selecting majors and applying to graduate school.


University Testing Service:

The University Testing Service offers both placement tests and national standardized exams to members of the UGA community.


Center for Continuing Education:

The UGA Center for Continuing Education offers financial and military assistance for participation in career-oriented programs.


Student Care and Outreach:

Student Care and Outreach, part of the Dean of Students Office, can assist University students, including veterans, whom are experiencing distress and can assist students obtain hardship and military service withdrawals from the University.


Human Resources:

Human Resources administers veteran employee issues associated with military leave and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (“USERRA”).


Family and Graduate Housing:​ and

Family and Graduate Housing offers convenient and comfortable living environments for members of the UGA community, their partners, and dependent children. 


Exemption from Live-On Requirement:

University Housing generally requires first year students to live on campus.  However, individuals who reach 21 years of ago prior to the first day of class may request an exemption.


Ramsey Center and Recreational Sports:

The Ramsey Center and the Rec Sports Division offer opportunities for members of the UGA community to develop physical fitness and wellbeing and participate in group and team-orientated sports and activities.


University Health Center:

The University Health Center offers primary and specialty health care, prevention-focused services, and health knowledge to University students and their spouses.  The Health Center currently accepts TriCare Standard.


University Childcare Center:

The University Childcare Center offers childcare to the children of UGA faculty, staff, and students. 


UGACard for Dependents and Children:

University students may purchase UGACards for their spouse and dependent children which will allow dependents to obtain the same privileges and services as University students.  See also: