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UGA is commited to ensuring that pregnant and parenting students and employees have access to the resources that they need, and that their rights are protected.

Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Students and Employees

Pregnant and parentin students and employees are entitled to reasonable accommodations for as long as their doctor deems medically necessary.  Each situation is unique, and reasonable accommodations will be highly dependent on the requirements of an individual's course and/or work environment.

Reasonable accommodations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Granting incomplete grades for courses to be completed at a later date
  • Modifications of the physical environment, such as accessible seating or providing temporary elevator access
  • Mobility support
  • Allowing more frequent trips to the restroom or breaks for water
  • Extending deadlines and/or allowing a student to make up tests or assignments
  • Providing temporary disability parking permits
  • Excusing medically-necessary absences
  • Granting reasonable time and private space to pump breastmilk
  • Providing larger uniforms for athletics or on-campus jobs
  • Allowing course drops, medical underloads, medical leaves of absence, or medical withdrawals

Frequently Asked Questions

From the U.S. Dept. of Education’s “Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972” (PDF)

Lactation Room Locations

(View Campus Map for Lactation Room Locations Here (PDF))


Correll Hall
600 S. Lumpkin St.
Room: 434
Contact: Kathy Coleman
367 Brooks Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Rocking chair, table, sink

Gilbert Hall - Institute for Women's Studies
210 Herty Dr.
Room provided as needed
Contact: Any Staff Member
Institute for Women’s Studies, Basement Office 16
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Conference table, padded

Main Library
320 S. Jackson St.
Room: Basement Room B99C; Frist Aid Room B14
Contact: Jan Hudson
299A Administrative Offices, Office 215
Electricity? Yes
In the First Aid room in the basement of Main Library
Amenities: Chair, table, phone, and bathroom

Park Hall
200 Baldwin St.
Room: 329
Contact: Kristie Sartain
255 Park Hall


Contact: Patty Bradberry
134 Park Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: 2 chairs, table, lamp, refrigerator; room locked at all times so will need to get the key from contact person

Dean Rusk Hall
225 Herty Dr.
Room: 3rd Floor, interior room inside women's restroom
Contact: Nikki Clarke
318 Dean Rusk Hall


Contact: Shawn Lanphere
209 Dean Rusk Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair, table, shower, bulletin board, breast pump wipes


University Health Center
55 Carlton St.
Room: provided as needed for UHC patients while at the Center for an appointment
Contact: Patient Registration and Health Information, 706-542-8617

Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities
330 River Rd.
Room: 323
Contact: Logan Herren
308 Ramsey Center
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: The room has a divider so that it can accommodate two occupants; two chairs and two tables; room remains locked for privacy.


Aderhold Hall
110 Carlton Street
Room: 126D Aderhold Hall
Contact: Andrew Garber, Facilities Manager
126D Aderhold Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair, Desk, Padded Changing Station, Signage for New Mothers Room, wireless network access

Barrow Hall
115 DW Brooks Dr.
Room: 135 (Room locked at all times so must get key from Contact person)
Contact: Tonya Harris
280 Dawson Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Privacy curtain can accommodate 2 occupants; 2 chairs, 2 tables, refrigerator; CD player and acoustic CD; sanitization wipes; across from the women’s bathroom

College of Veterinary Medicine
501 DW Brooks Dr.
Room: H-346
Contact: There is a binder-style book at the door where person can reserve the space
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair and table

Forestry Resources Building 2
180 E. Green St.
Room: Interior room (214A) inside Room 214B (women’s bathroom)
Contact: None
Electricity? No
Amenities: A chair and a table; interior room inside the women’s bathroom

Science Learning Center
130 Carlton St.
Room: 283
Contact: Kyleigh Weaver
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Rocking chair, sink, cabinets

Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel
1197 S. Lumpkin St
Room: Second floor, Room 257
Contact: Joseph Allen
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Sink, mini-fridge, lounge chair, Mother’s Room sign, occupied/unoccupied indicator lock

West Campus

Memorial Hall
101 Sanford Dr.
Room: 218
Contact: Meg Evans
221 Memorial Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair and table

Tate Student Center
45 Baxter St.
Room: 482A (keypad access)
Contact: Jan Barham, Dean of Students Office, 706-542-7774


Zell Miller Learning Center
48 Baxter St.
Room: 262B - Lactation Room
Contact: Shannon Bennett
Miller Learning Center Office, Room 204
Facilities and Security Manager | 706-542-4491


Kasie Fable
Miller Learning Center Office, Room 204
Facilities and Security Coordinator | 706-542-3057
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Sink, Chair, Counter and Baby Changing Station


Veterinary Medical Center
2200 College Station Road
Room: 2168
Contact: There is a binder-style book at the door where person can reserve the space
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair, table, refrigerator

Wright Hall - Health Sciences Campus
100 Foster Rd. (PDF)
Room: 254 (Room has a combination lock so user will need to contact Betty Blum for access)
Contact: Victoria Jordan, 706-542-1743
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair, table, sink, microwave, bookcase, refrigerator, and network access
Gwinnett Campus

The Intellicenter
2530 Sever Rd.
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Room: 239

Reserve the room using the room reservation form:

Contact: Jill Rhoden
(678) 985-6807
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Four chairs and small tables