Sexual Misconduct Complaint Form

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Equal Opportunity Office



The University of Georgia (UGA) is committed to ensuring a safe learning environment that supports the dignity of all members of UGA and the University System of Georgia (USG) community.  UGA does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in any of its education or employment programs and activities in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972.  Completing this form is one method of reporting any alleged conduct directed against a student that may be a violation of Title IX and USG’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.  Title IX and the Sexual Misconduct Policy also prohibit retaliation for reporting sexual misconduct or participating in an investigation of sexual misconduct.  Please review the Sexual Misconduct Policy before submission of this form.  

Submit this form electronically, by mail or in person to:                          Submit by email to:
Equal Opportunity Office (EOO)                                                    
Title IX Coordinator
119 Holmes-Hunter Academic Building
Athens, GA  30602

Anonymity:   This complaint form may be submitted anonymously.  The reporter is encouraged to provide any information related to the report in order to facilitate an investigation into the reported conduct.  Legal and regulatory obligations may require the University to take some action once it is informed that sexual misconduct may be occurring.  Not having the identity of the reporter may limit the ability to respond fully to the incident and may limit the ability to discipline the respondent.

Confidentiality:  Legal and regulatory obligations may require the university to take some action once it is informed that sexual misconduct may be occurring.  Although the confidentiality of the information received and the privacy of the individuals involved cannot be guaranteed, confidentiality and privacy will be protected to as great an extent as is possible. The expressed wishes of the complainant regarding confidentiality will be considered in the context of the university's legal obligation to act upon the charge and the right of the charged party to be informed concerning the charge.  Honoring the request may limit the ability to respond fully to the incident and may limit the ability to discipline the respondent.


Instructions for Submitting Forms – please choose one of the following:

1. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) installed.
2. If using a PC, please right-click and save the form to your desktop, rather than open in your web browser (see below if using a Mac).
3. Complete the form and click Submit Form to email or scanned form to 
4. Fax the completed form to: (706) 542-2822
5. Mail or bring completed form to:  Equal Opportunity Office (EOO); 119 Holmes-Hunter Academic Building; Athens, GA  30602

Submitting Forms on a Mac

The default behavior on Macs is to either open the form in your web browser or open in the Preview App. Both of these are problematic. Please use Acrobat to fill out and submit your forms.

1. Right-click (or CTL-click) on the links above and choose “Save Link As…”
2. Save the document to your Desktop; right-click (or CTL-click) it and choose “Open With” -- picking Acrobat from the list of apps.
3. Now the form will open in Acrobat. You should be able to fill out and email the saved or scanned form

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