UGA Announces Women's Resources Initiative

On September 11, 2014, UGA President Jere W. Morehead and Provost Pamela Whitten announced the launch of a Women's Resources Initiative.

The announcement read as follows:

A vibrant, engaging learning community is central to the mission and goals of the University of Georgia. Our work to uphold that ideal is continuous, and to further address contemporary issues faced by female students, faculty, and staff, we are taking new steps to promote awareness and access to a wide range of resources for women at UGA.

A campuswide assessment conducted by the Division of Student Affairs cataloged an array of excellent services and programs available to women, but the assessment also noted that these resources can be difficult to access at times and may differ for students, faculty, and staff. Opportunities for improved coordination, new programs, or broader impact were identified.

President Morehead and Provost Whitten are pleased to announce a Women’s Resources Initiative. The Women’s Resources Initiative is composed of three parts, namely to enhance access to services for women across UGA, to create a group that will continuously review and update these services, and to launch ongoing targeted programs to address timely concerns across campus.

I.  Promoting Access

To promote education and awareness, we are launching a new web portal: This web resource highlights women’s services, organizations, programs, and events across campus. It will provide a hub for safety information, community support, and advocacy for women.

To further ensure that UGA students, faculty, and staff can easily navigate the array of women’s services at UGA, we have also identified a central point of contact: Dr. Chris Linder, assistant professor in the College of Education. Dr. Linder is available to meet individually or communicate directly with interested faculty, staff, and students. She can be reached at

Dr. Linder will be supported in this role by campus partners Dr. Patricia Daugherty, assistant director for training and development in the University Health Center, and Linda Edge, student ombudsperson in the Office of the Dean of Students.

II.  Continuous Improvement

To assess the effectiveness of women’s programs and services going forward, we are creating a new campuswide Women’s Resources Coordinating CommitteeAs an advisory body to University administrators, this group will consider campuswide feedback regarding women’s resources and recommend ways to enhance their organization and visibility at UGA.

III. New Programs

Look this fall for progress on these additional initiatives:

  • To promote equity, the Equal Opportunity Office, the Office of Human Resources, and the Division of Student Affairs will explore new ways to expand communication of existing policies and protocols related to harassment and discrimination, sexual violence, workplace equity, and related issues.
  • To further promote campus safety for women, we are launching a new bystander training program through the University Health Center. The UGA Police Department will expand availability of its program on Personal Safety for Women, which educates the University community and local residents on important safety issues, including sexual violence, through interactive training sessions.
  • To better understand perspectives across our community, we will conduct a campus climate survey in 2015. Planning for the survey will begin this fall. Information from the survey, along with other efforts, will help inform our future direction on issues related to women.

UGA looks forward to creating an even more supportive campus climate for women. Thank you for your assistance and partnership in this effort.


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Friday, October 31, 2014
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