When Sexual Harassment is a Crime

Sexual harassment/violence involving non-consensual physical touching, coerced physical confinement, or forced or coerced sex acts may also constitute a crime.  Persons who have experienced sexual assault or other sexual harassment that may constitute a crime are encouraged to report the incident to law enforcement by calling:

  • UGA Police if the incident occurred on any UGA campus – 911 or (706) 542-2200
  • Athens-Clarke County Police if incident occurred off-campus in Athens - 911 or (706) 613-3330
  • Local law enforcement for the relevant jurisdiction if incident occurred outside of Athens-Clarke County

It is the choice of the person who experienced sexual assault (the survivor) whether to report the incident to law enforcement.  If the survivor indicates a desire to make a report, it is appropriate to offer to assist in calling the police. Otherwise, law enforcement should be contacted only if:

  1. the factual circumstances of the sexual assault indicate an imminent threat to the safety of a particular individual or the University community;
  2. the survivor/victim needs transport for medical services (including transport to the local Family Protection Center for a sexual assault forensic exam) and consents to your contacting law enforcement for this limited purpose; or
  3. the survivor is under the age of 16.

Additionally, regardless of the place of occurrence, sexual assault and other sexual harassment that may constitute a crime should be reported to the Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) at (706) 542-7912 or ugaeoo@uga.edu.  University employees (including student employees) in positions of authority (e.g., faculty, instructors, administrators, supervisors, etc.) are required to report incidents or allegations of sexual assault and other sexual harassment to the EOO and should relay to the EOO any request by the survivor for confidentiality. 

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