Students with Disabilities

The University of Georgia is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all students who qualify for admission, and offers qualifying students with disabilities a variety of services and accommodations to ensure that both facilities and programs are accessible. The University’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) exists to assist students with requesting and coordinating reasonable accommodations and to connect students with the appropriate resources and supports to ensure a welcoming and accessible educational experience.  This includes during orientation and campus visits.

Students who know or suspect that they may have a disability are encouraged to contact the DRC at (706) 542-8719/(706) 542-8778 (tty) or to talk with a coordinator or to schedule an intake interview regarding evaluation (if needed), documentation (if needed), registering, and requests for accommodations or services.  

For further information on accommodations, services and resources for students with disabilities, please visit the DRC's website.

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