Position of Authority

Position of Authority, also sometimes called Responsible Employee, means any person (be they an employee or a student) whom a student could reasonably believe has the authority or duty of reporting incidents of misconduct to the appropriate university designee.

Position of Authority includes, without limitation, the following categories of people:

  • All administrators, supervisors, faculty members, and instructors of any kind (including graduate teaching assistants)
  • All employees within the University’s Police Department, Athletic Department, and Housing and Residence Life Department, regardless of whether they supervise another individual 
  • Anyone (student or staff) serving in an advisor capacity to any student 
  • Individuals designated by the University as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) for purposes of compliance with the Clery Act

Under the University of Georgia’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy (“NDAH Policy”), people in Positions of Authority must report to the Equal Opportunity Office any complaints they receive or knowledge they possess (whether direct or indirect) of discrimination or harassment, including sexual misconduct.  Failure to make a report is a separate violation of the NDAH Policy.

This mandatory reporting requirement does not apply to Privileged Resource Employees, as defined in Section II.B ("Confidentiality") of the Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy.  This mandatory reporting requirement also does not apply to individuals who provide medical or mental health services under a Georgia State Law license if a disclosure of discrimination or harassment is made in the course of the provision of such services.