Gender Identity

Gender identity refers to one's inner sense of being male, female or something else.  

Terms relating to gender identity include:

Transgender, referring to people whose gender identity differs from their assigned or presumed sex at birth.  

Cisgender, referring to people whose gender identity is the same as their assigned or presumed sex at birth.

Gender-nonconforming (GNC), referring to people who do not meet society's expectations of gender roles.  

TGNC, referring to people who identify as either transgender (T) or gender-nonconforming (GNC). 

Transitioning is the process of changing one’s gender presentation to conform with one’s internal sense of gender identity.

Intersex is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit the typical definitions of female or male. 

UGA’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center offers support and advocacy to the LGBT, queer, and ally (LGBTQA) community.  Telephone: (706) 542-4077.  GLOBES is UGA's LGBTQA faculty/staff organization.  Lambda Alliance @ UGA is a student organization that supports the LGBTQA community on campus and in the Athens area.

The University of Georgia’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy (“NDAH Policy”) prohibits discrimination or harassment based on gender identity in both employment and education. 

Discrimination is defined by the NDAH Policy as decision-making based on gender identity.

Harassment is defined by the NDAH Policy as unwelcome verbal or physical conduct based on gender identity when the conduct is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive to:

  1. Unreasonably interfere with the individual’s work or educational performance;
  2. Create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working and/or learning environment; or
  3. Unreasonably interfere with or limits one’s ability to participate in or benefit from an educational program or activity.

If you have knowledge of or believe you have experienced discrimination or harassment based on gender identity, please contact the Equal Opportunity Office at (706) 542-7912 or

UGA faculty, instructors, administrators, supervisors and all other employees (including student employees) who are in positions of authority must report to the Equal Opportunity Office any complaints they receive or knowledge they possess (whether direct or indirect) of gender identity discrimination or harassment.  Failure to make a report is a separate violation of the NDAH Policy.

Types of Discrimination