Lactation Room Locations

North Campus

Correll Hall
600 S. Lumpkin St.
Room: 434
Contact: Kathy Coleman
367 Brooks Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Rocking chair, table, sink.

Gilbert Hall - Institute for Women's Studies
210 Herty Dr.
Room: provided as needed
Contact: Any Staff Member
Institute for Women’s Studies, Basement Office 16
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Conference table, padded chairs. Door does not lock, but a “Do not disturb” sign is posted when in use.

Main Library
320 S. Jackson St.
Room: Basement Room B99C; First Aid Room B14
Contact: Jan Hudson
299A Administrative Offices, Office 215
Electricity? Yes
In the First Aid room in the basement of Main Library.
Amenities: Chair, table, phone, and bathroom.

Park Hall
200 Baldwin St.
Room: 329
Contact: Kristie Sartain
255 Park Hall
Contact: Patty Bradberry
134 Park Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: 2 chairs, table, lamp, refrigerator. Room locked at all times so will need to get key from Contact person.

Dean Rusk Hall
225 Herty Dr.
Room: 3rd Floor, interior room inside women's restroom
Contact: Nikki Clarke
318 Dean Rusk Hall
Contact: Shawn Lanphere
209 Dean Rusk Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair, table, shower, bulletin board, breast pump wipes

East Campus

University Health Center
55 Carlton Street
Room: provided as needed for UHC patients while at the Center for an appointment
Contact: Patient Registration and Health Information, 542-8617
South Campus

Ramsey Student Center For Physical Activities
330 River Road
Room: 323
Contact: Logan Herren
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: The room has a divider so that it can accommodate two occupants; two chairs and two tables.  Room remains locked for privacy.

Barrow Hall
115 DW Brooks Dr.
Room:135 (Room locked at all times so must get key from Contact person)
Contact: Tonya Harris
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Privacy curtain can accommodate 2 occupants; 2 chairs, 2 tables, refrigerator; CD player and acoustic CD; sanitization wipes. Across from the
women’s bathroom.

College of Veterinary Medicine
501 D. W. Brooks Drive Athens, GA 30602
Room: H-346
Contact: There is a binder-style book at the door where person can reserve the space
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair and table

Forestry Resources Building 2
180 E. Green St.
Room: Interior room (214A) inside Room 214B (women’s bathroom)
Contact: None
Electricity? No
Amenities: A chair and a table; interior room inside the women’s bathroom.

Science Learning Center
130 Carlton St.
Room: 283
Contact: Kyleigh Weaver
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Rocking chair, sink, cabinets

Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel
1197 S. Lumpkin St.
Room: 257
Contact: Joseph Allen
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Sink, Mini-fridge, Lounge Chair, Mother’s Room Sign, Occupied/Unoccupied Indicator Lock

West Campus

Memorial Hall
101 Sanford Dr.
Room: 218
Contact: Meg Evans
221 Memorial Hall
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair and table

Tate Student Center
45 Baxter St.
Room: 482A (keypad access)
Contact: Office of the Dean of Students, 706-542-7774

Zell Miller Learning Center
48 Baxter Street
Room: Various faculty prep rooms; room remains locked so you must check out a key from contact person
Contact: Miller Learning Center Office, Room 373
Shannon Bennett
Facilities Manager
Katherine Wilson
Facilities Coordinator
Electricity? Yes
Amenities: Chair, table, window. The door does not lock from the inside. Occupant should post the “occupied” sign on the outside of the door and use the door
stop provided.